Monday, January 26, 2015

Oxford Ladies vs Telford: 3-1!!!!

Great game played by both teams!

The first set was a warm up for the Ladies who did not have their competitive spirit burning inside them yet! Do not worry readers.... the Ladies reacted well to the situation, fighting point for point from the second set on!

Great serving, passing and blocking. Good hitting, apart from the first set, when the Ladies also had some difficulties in covering tips and "unpredictable dirty and crazy" balls. Sonia's sets and some unexpected second touches were great!

Memorable event of the day: Sonia's face had a 'close contact' with the court floor (or with the punch of another "unidentified" team mate on the floor)! After few minutes of suffering, like a heroine, she was able to come back and play!!! For this reason (and not only for that!) she won the MVP!!!

The story for today is finished.... ready to see what will happen in two weeks!

(Written by Elisa)
Top of the table!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

OVC players in junior tournament success!

The latest in the series of junior tournaments was held last Saturday. A total of 95 different players have played in the 4 tournaments held so far, with this most recent one attracting 54 juniors, a fantastic number! 

The morning was won by Antony Wilson with 5 points and the afternoon by Alice Bairstow with 4 points. Still in overall lead is Antony Wilson with a total of 19 points and close behind is Jamie Raff with a total of 18 points, followed by Elisa Hill (17 points) and Charlie Davis (16 points). Jamie and Charlie are from OVC and we'd like to say a big well done to them both!

Two tournaments remain, on 7th Feb and 21st March.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A good end to the year for our NVL Ladies!

On Sunday the 7th of December, Oxford Ladies played their last two NVL games for this year.
They met in full complement (Annika, Andrea, Sonia, Federica, Nela, Amra, Elisa, Masia, Chrissie and Adriana) Norfolk Ladies,  RAF Hawks in the Oxford Ferry Leisure Centre.

Oxford Ladies triumphed in both games and survived the cold environment in the sports hall (see pictures).

In the first game of a triangular fixture Oxford Ladies played Norfolk. The two teams were well matched, according to previous results in the league, and it was very nice game to watch for the audience. Both teams showed a good hitting ability. Thanks to very good serves, especially from Adriana, and better receiving technique, Oxford won first two sets by some margin. The third set became a little bit shaky when some of the players lost their concentration, but Oxford found a way to turn around the set and also the match in their favour.

In their second match, Oxford Ladies had what turned out to be weaker opponents on the day, RAF Hawks, who only managed to score 5 points in each set. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cup game: great performance from Oxford Ladies vs Polonia SideOut London

Nine players for the day were: Adriana, Andrea, Annika, Amra, Chrissie, Elisa, Fede, Sonia and Nela. 

The team arrived in London well aware of the technical and physical superiority of the opposing team (one of the top teams in the UK). Their ability was very clear from the warm up. Nevertheless, the Oxford girls were determined to try to win at least one set. Why at least one set? .....Easy answer:  Jon has promised to take the whole team out for a dinner after the game if they win at least one set.

The first set started with 5-0 for the Oxford ladies (see the photograph here documenting this score!). With amazing serves, extraordinary blocking, great passing and setting Oxford stayed in the game, playing at the same level of their opponents. It looked like Jon was going to be paying up. Unfortunately, Oxford ladies lost the set by just two points

The ladies continued to play really well in the second and the third set. The middles did a great job by blocking and attacking, but it wasn't sufficient to win the game. It was very difficult to receive the jump serves and to keep up with the fast game of Polonia. 

I also have to mention Polonia supporters with the "great idea" of using super loud drums and whistle during the game. Oxford Ladies, not used to the sound, had serious difficulties to communicate with each other and concentrate on the game (Fede and Adi were the only ones enjoying this noise).

Final score: 3-0 for the Polonia SideOut London

Written by Amra and Elisa