Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 2-a-side ladder is up and running !

She did it! The dream has come true :-)

Here is what Kerstin sent us earlier today:

“Hey 2 a side volleyball fans

A volleyball ladder has been set up for any kind of team (men’s, ladies, mixed) to participate.  This is at


So here’s the plan.  Find a partner (same gender or mixed) and register as a team on the website (where it asks for your first name, put in something like ‘Kerstin and’ where it asks for your surname, put in something like ‘Ania’ - in this way your team name will be ‘Kerstin and Ania’).  Players can be anybody who is interested in volleyball.

From then on, teams can challenge those one or two spots above them online.  Teams have 14 days to either meet the challenge or concede.  The result is fed into the website by the winning team, and the rankings are then adjusted.

Matches can either be played in the Gym (Lean Machine) of Unipart Group, Unipart House, Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2PG (on a Badminton sized court!!!) or on the grass.

The challenger is responsible for booking the sports hall by calling 01865-383366. Opening hours are Mo-Fr 6am-9pm and Sa-Su 10am-3pm. Costs for the hall are £1.50 per hour per person. Parking and changing facilities are provided. You will need to bring a ball.

Matches must adhere to indoor volleyball rules with the exception that tipping is NOT allowed. The exact format (eg how many sets) can be agreed between the teams.

The twos ladder is a new idea, and hasn’t been run before.  Therefore, we reserve the right to alter regulations or impose new ones if things don’t work.  Things like, how many spots above you can challenge or the length of time a challenge can rest, can be adjusted on the website.  At the moment, Julien and I are administrators for the ladder.
If you have any feedback on how to run the ladder more effectively, let us know.

Every team can at any time enter or leave the ladder. Player changes should only occur for good reasons (e.g. a player moving away or has no time to play at all).

Thanks for participating and see you on court.


PS: The ladder will also be open to UNIPART employees and we might easen the rules for them. In the end it’s all about having fun.”

The more the merrier!


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