Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recreational 2-a-side league

Hey folks,

Kertsin, our magic social secretary, has been… well she had a dream… :-)

“Hello Volleyballers
The beach volleyball season is over and we have to wait another year to get out there again.
This shouldn’t prevent us from still playing 2 a side.
I recently thought about setting up a recreational 2 a side league for everybody who finds a partner and fancies a challenge.
We could play at my work gym (Unipart at Oxford Cowley) on badminton lines and a slack net (doesn’t that sound fantastic?).
Seriously, it’s a small court and a funny net but after all a brilliant opportunity to have a good 2 on 2 volley match.
The court costs about £2.50 per person per hour (in the past we played 2-3 hours and only paid £2.50 per person – and I’m sure I can make this a deal with the gym manager).
The sports hall is empty most nights (open till 9pm) and there are changing and showering facilities on site).
How would it work?
You find a partner (mixed sex teams allowed) and agree on evenings and times you could potentially play. You then send an email back to me that you would like to participate and which days would be best for you.
I will consequently have an idea of who is interested and can set up a ladder.
If there are enough teams I will try and book the sports hall regularly for one or two evenings per week.
The ladder works that each team has a rank and you can challenge the team that is above you or two places above you. You then play a match and if you win you swap places.”

Good idea no !? What do you think? Let her know: 

More details will follow shortly.



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