Thursday, October 15, 2009

Match Report - Mixed first games!

Courtesy of Mark, our mixed team captain, here is the season first mixed match report:

“SUNDAY 11th Oct - Newbury v Oxford v Farnborough

A new Oxford mixed team made a good start to the new BVA season last Sunday. There was a transition from last season’s league-winning mixed team, with several players departing to pursue new volleyball goals. Luckily, for this fixture we were able to call on Maite to lead the team from her favourite position as setter.

Our first match was away in the comfortable settings of St Gabriels school sports hall. The first game was against Fairnborough Lions, who finished in last position in the 2008/9 season. Our line-up included some new faces, Daniel and Ghislain took up places as middle and opposite, both growing into their positions as the game went on.

Oxford started tentatively winning the first set (25 - 23), with steady improvements in passing and hitting as the second set progressed. Farnborough resorted to passing the ball to the back of the court in order to win points, which allowed Oxford to reply with great hitting from Kerstin, Julien and Sofie. The Oxford side grew in confidence and won the second set (25 - 21). Special mention goes to the game’s referee (from Newbury), who at 18 years old had just qualified and made a good start to his refereeing career. Julien received ‘Most Valuable Player’ for the Oxford team after putting in a great performance.

After a quick bit of refereeing, it was time for the main event, a game against Newbury, who narrowly lost the league title to Oxford last season.

Newbury’s experienced team set out to score as many points as possible, but did not count on the Oxford team’s dogged defence. Mark replaced Daniel at middle and soon was hard at work against Newbury’s tall centre hitter. Oxford took their chances against Newbury, with Kerstin and Julien making some great hits through the wings. However Newbury’s team won the set 25 - 15. In the second set, Oxford were well organised and started strongly against Newbury scoring several points without reply. Newbury’s line-up changed for this set (making full use of the rules by playing under 18 male players in the roles of ladies) were able to reply strongly. A hotly contested set followed, with each team fighting hard and eventually Newbury won the set 25 - 21.

One win and one loss was a good result for the new mixed team. Newbury can be sure of a sterner test when they visit Oxford next !


That’s what I call a comprehensive piece of news ;-) Thanks a lot Mark!



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