Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladies 1 continue their winning streak

Their second fixture of the season saw Ladies 1 take on Spikeopaths Ladies (which was a friendly) and Basingstoke Lioness.

The team started strong in the first game against Spikeos and took the first set easily. Coach Jon looked happy and praised his team with bold statements like "I've never seen you play this well." The second set started equally well, with everybody serving well and giving their setter Maite consistently good passes to work with. The team had a minor blip when Spikeos got a short run of good serves but recovered quickly and finished the game off in the second set.

The second game against Basingstoke started equally well and there was never any doubt about who was going to win the first set. Again the second set was a little more challenging when Basingstoke started defending a little more efficiently. However, Oxford's strength and excellent teamwork never gave their opposition a real chance and they took the game home in two sets. Jon's final quote of the day: "I'm happy"

MVP went to Maite in the first game and Klaudia in the second.

(written by Annika)

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