Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AGM on Thursday 12 July

After a great year of volleyball, it is time again for our Annual General Meeting. It will be held on 12 July at the Mitre at 8pm. 

What will happen at the AGM
We'll give you a summary of the past season and the future direction of the club. 

We'll also re-elect our club committee positions. These are:
• Chairman
• Financial Director
• Club Secretary
• Social secretary
• BVA representative
• Webmaster

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Simon in advance and we will then vote for our our committee members at the AGM. If you want more information on what each committee member’s role is, please let Simon know and he will give you more of an explanation.

Teams next year
We are planning to enter the same amount of teams next years (two ladies' teams, two men's teams and one mixed team). If there's more interest in the mixed squad this year, we may enter a second mixed team. 

Each team comes with two official positions: captain and coach. All teams don't have a coach, but they all need a captain. Again, if you are interested in being a coach or a captain for one of the teams, please email Simon in advance. We will then vote for our captains and coaches during the AGM.

Ladies 2 coach, Neil, is stepping down from this position for next year. 

Come and have a good time
You should all come! There'll be beer and food, prizes for the most valuable players, so see you there!

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