Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oxford Mixed - 3 Fixtures so far...

Good evening all,

As you probably know, the Oxford Mixed tema has been playing since the beginning of october every 2 weeks. But how are we doing, I am sure you wonder... The next few lines will tell you!!#

1st Fixture - Queen's Mary College - 14/10/12

The first fixture of the 2013 Oxford Mixed team saw the beginning of a "Brand New" Mixed team, seeing the support of Andrey, Tomas, Anna & Amra. To the whole of you guys, Thank you!

Oxford Mixed Vs. Basingstoke

On that day the team that played was composed of Helen, Anna, Andrey, Tomas, Amra & myself. We had a bit of an ectic start and Basingsoke took the lead by ... far ... They forced me to take the first timeout at 16-6. It was now or never: And the alchimy started working: we started covering tips, Anna did some great job on defense, and there we were back, point after point, at 22-19 (Forcing them to take the Timeout at 20-16). Unfortunately, Basingstoke was on a good finish and even if I took the last timeout at 23-20 for them, they won the first set 25-23.
The conclusin on the 1st set gave me some very good hope. We were in a strong moment. With no change to the team, we managed to stick to the score much tighter: 3-3, 5-5, 6-6. And then Tomas got 6 serves in a row to put us in a confident +5 situation. It was enough, and we kept fighting point after point securing the second set quite "easily" 25-19.
As you probaly noticed, I put the previous "easily" in brackets. Because for some obscure reasons, we were unfortunately back into our 1set habits, and Basingstoke used it to their advantage VERY quickly as they secured a change of sides 8-2... The rest went pretty quickly unfortunately and we lost the 3rd set 15-5.
I got the MVP for this one. If I remember well my setting was quite decent...

Oxford Mixed Vs. Farnborough

Clearly determined to give a different fight to Basingstoke (And willing to give my players so court time...), I decided to put this time Andrey on court replacing Tomas. Farnborough got in the lead very quickly up to 7-4, then we managed to tie up but they kept their lead up to 10-8, then 15-12 and stayed in the lead managing to win the first set 25-21.

The second set was played by the same team. This time the beginning of the game was much tighter, putting us in the lead 5-4, then an even 7-7. But again Farnborough managed to take the lead with a secured +4. Even if we kept fighting, we didn't managed to catch back and Farnborough won the sescond set 25-20. The whole game was finished unfortunately in 32 minutes...
Our Italian Luca got the MVP for this set for his good work at the attack.

2nd Fixture - Headington - 28/10/12

I was not able to be there on that date. I can only confirm to you the result of the games:
Oxford Mixed  beat  Spikeopaths Mixed 2   25 - 18,  25 - 14
Maidenhead Mixed 2  beat  Oxford Mixed   18 - 25,  27 - 25,  15 - 8

But I am sure the people present have made an amazing job!

3rd Fixture - Kendrick School - 11/11/12

Oxford Mixed Vs. Farnborough

 If you remember, we were CLEARLY determined to give them a different fight from 1 month ago. And within this time the team had found some good automatics. The team on court was Giulia, Anna, Annette, Tomas, Corne & myself. Even if we started serving the game, Farnborough took it straight back from us and secured a nice +4 situation up to 7-3. But then Annette managed to make us catch back up to 9-8. We then took the lead forcing them to take a timeout at 15-11, and they caught back with the same spirit up to 17-18. But that was not enough to make us tremble and this time Tomas secured som important serves for us, putting the team in a nice position to win the set (21-18), which we did: 25-21.
The second set saw the exact same team on court. This time the fight was tighter during the 1st set. We were doing the set ahead by +4 (Us winning by 12-8). But Farnborough won a few points up to 13-12 when they decided to score another +4 more, putting them in a very decent lead: 18-14. The rest of the second set, even if I decided to take our second timeout at 15-20, saw us losing 25-19 in then end.
So there we were, ready to give some more on the 3rd set. Still no change to team on court... (I had a feeling about this team...). Beginning again very tight. Farborough in the lead 2-0, then tight 3-3, then Farborough 6-4 & 8-7. At 8-8, because we were blocking there playing, they took a timeout. It was not enough to break our motivation, and we kept fighting each points: 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, 13-13... Part of we thought it would be one of these endless games. But it was couting without Tomas who made sure that last 2 points got scored for us!!!! 15-13 (I got the MVP for this game :) )

Oxford Mixed Vs. Farnborough

A very different game this one was... The team playing was Giulia, Tomas & Corne (I kept swapping them because they gave everything in the previous game), Annette, Luca, Helen & myself (again...). Not a lot to say about this game really (unfortunately...). A pretty tight start up to 7-7, but then Maidenhead took the lead 13-9 and kept their advance until the end 25-19.
The second set was even worse. And even if I did took somne timeouts at 1-7 and 6-19, there was nothing we could do that could disturb them. They produced some very good volleyball and got us 25-9.
Out MVP went this time to Luca.


As you probably know, we are not doing too bad so far (But Maidenhead is clearly in the lead...):
 Maidenhead Mixed 6  6  0  12  1  18    
 Newbury Mixed 4  3  1  7  2  10    
 Basingstoke Mixed 4  3  1  6  3  9    
 Oxford Mixed 6  2  4  6  9  8    
 Farborough Panthers 6  2  4  5  8  7    
 Spikeopaths Mixed 1 2  2  0  4  1  6    
 Maidenhead Mixed 2 2  2  0  4  1  6    
 Farnborough Lions 4  1  3  3  7  4    
 Spikeopaths Mixed 2 4  0  4  1  8  1    
 Spikeopaths Mixed 3 4  0  4  0  8  0    

The next game is this Sunday in Queen's Mary College! Wish us good luck!!!

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