Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mens 2 - And another 2 wins !!

Good afternoon,

As you probably know, the Oxford Mens 2 were playing last Sunday. And as you also probably know (from checking our Facebook page ...) is that we won our 2 games.

Oxford Mens 2 Vs. Reading University

We had a revenge to take on Reading as they won our previous encounter. Our beloved & worshipped coach & setter Sebastien decided that the right team to do so would be Hideki, David, Dan, Hussain, Simon & himself. It is important to say that at this point we showed an unusual impressive warm-up. A good start with a few mistakes from Reading (1st timeout at 8-3) & we were in the lead with a strong advantage: 11-4. The basic was there and we kept the good rhythm by increasing this advance up to 22-8 when Reading decided to take their 2nd timeout. They also changed their setter who unfortunately was not in this set but it didn’t change anything to the final score and we won with a comfortable lead: 25-11.
Aware that we were not producing what we could in term of level of volleyball, especially in defense (high defending, “messy” on covering…) Sebastien made it clear to the team that it was time to show this to Reading. And of course, in these moments what happens? You stop playing… An Reading started the set in the lead up to 6-4 & timeout requested by Seb just to remind us (again) what he just said. It was defintily a good timeout because not only did we start playing more, but also we took the lead forcing Reading to take their 1st timeout being led 8-9 and not being able to score another point before 13-8. Thanks to David & his 8 services in a row & then Hussain for his 4 services, we were again in the lead 16-13. Sebastien had slightly twisted his ankle and asked me to come in to replace him as a setter: 8 services in a row, 3 good passes, a good organized defense, & everything was over: 25-13.
Hideki got the MVP title for his strong and precise hits & tips.

Oxford Mens 2 Vs Didcot

First time we were playing Didcot (If I am right…) and the initial team on court was Seb, Mike, David, Hussain, Simon & myself. This report will be a bit shorter than the precedent as the scoresheet is not really readable… After referring the previous game that saw Didcot win against Reading Uni, we were ready to fight against experienced players. The set worked in a really slow way but we kept up scoring a few more points than Didcot & managed to secure 25 points before them: 25-17. However, we were not playing, we were only coping and it was a bit frustrating.
On the second set, things actually unlocked properly and we gave them no chance whatsoever as we kept defending, passing and attacking with several options everytime, the whole lot covered with basic but annoying float serves which completely killed their defense. I think I served 13 times in a row and I am sure it helped to finish quickly the 2nd set 25-11.
I got the MVP probably for my services.

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