Monday, February 18, 2013

Double win for Ladies 2

Ladies 2's last two matches in the BVA league took place at home in Headington, Oxford on Sunday 10 February. As we were hosting, the first game was between Newbury and Basingstoke. The two teams were evenly matched, resulting in a third set. Basingstoke won the match 2:1.

Ladies 2 v Newbury
The team was built of Amra setting, Helen and Andrea playing through the middle, Giulia and Anna as outside players, and Tati as opposite. With the temperature in the hall not ideal, Ladies 2 needed a proper warm-up for their first match against Newbury, who were already warm from their previous match. We took the first set, 25:8. In the second set, we switched off and Newbury ladies saw an opportunity to take this set in their favour, but we stood our ground, winning the second set 25:23, and the match 2-0. 

Ladies 2 v Basingstoke
The second match was against the stronger opponent, Basingstoke Lionesses, and was more of a challenge for us. On court, we were joined by Fliss, who substituted Helen in the middle, as well as Hanna and Izzy, substituting Giuila and Anna on the outside.

The first set was very close. Despite our good hitting, Basingstoke’s consistent defence returned almost every attack, but we still managed to win the set 25:23. The second set started somewhat shakily and a few silly mistakes made us lose our confidence. Basingstoke took the wind out of our sails and won the second set 25:19. In the the third set, we got out confidence back and played much better. Amra's great sets gave us the opportunity to show some good hitting, and our defence and serving also proved troublesome for Lionesses. We soon resumed dominance on court and, with loud support from the audience and cheering posters (thanks Andrey), we won the last set after over an hour's battle, 15:7.
Well done to Tati, MVP for the first match, and to Hanna, MVP for the second match. Well done to whole team and of course, we cannot forget the man behind our success, Seb for his patience and support, and for bringing out the best in us on the court.

(Written by Andrea)

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