Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our beginners’ team won their first tournament

Together with Jon and Neil, our beginners’ team went to Newbury to play in our first ever development tournament – and won all three games.

The squad consisted of Baz, Maz, Lutz and Victoria, who took our beginners’ course in October. Each team could also include a maximum of two experienced players who were not allowed to hit, block or do an overhand serve  – meaning Jon and Neil didn’t have to make that many changes to their game!

Oxford v Spikeos
The first game against Spikeos was a tight game. Spikeos was just ahead until Lutz had a great run of serves, which took us to a clear win.

Newbury 2 v Oxford
The next game was against Newbury 2. After being hit in the face by a ball in the first game, Victoria came to life with some good spikes (over men’s height net) and Baz also passed some nice balls. Again a good win.

Newbury 1 v Oxford
In the last game against Newbury 1, Maz really started to get the height of the net sorted with some very strong hits. Lutz picked up a couple of great balls and Baz was competing well at the net.

A good all-round team effort and a fun night.

(Written by Neil)