Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oxford Mens 2 - Yihaaa !! Another 2 wins !!

Last Sunday, Oxford Mens 2 played in Headington and brought back 2 clean victories and 6 points!! Here is below how we did:

 1st Game - Reading Aces Vs. Oxford Mens 2

The team on court was Simon, Seb, Luca, Dued avid, Adam & myself. Reading started serving but we got the service back instantly and secured a nice 4-1. Then each team continued scoring evenly up to a 8-6, then 12-9. At this we started changing our rythm, up to 15-12 and Adam started serving: +7 and we were ahead 22-15!! The first set was over  in a split second: 25-16. The key for our first set was a clean passing with a nice distribution of balls from our setter. So the plan was the same for the 2nd set!
Hideki replaced me on court, and the start we took was even faster than the 1st set: 4-0, 7-1, and then 13-2... Reading took a timeout at this point, but it was already too late: 13-3, 17-4, 24-5, 25-5.
Luca got the MVP title for this game for his good fighting at the net!

2nd Game - Oxford University Vs. Oxford Mens 2

Very strong spirit on that day, we tought that nothing could stop us. But Seb re gathered us around as nothing was done and decided to put the same team as the second set back on court. But again, the defense was there, the covering was strong and the blocking was amazing. When Oxford Uni was scoring 1 point, we were scoring 2. So we secured the first timeout at 10-3, and the rest carried on flying up to 22-9. Another few serves and Hideki finished the set 25-10.
I replaced Hideki on court for the beginning of the second set. We struggled a bit to secure our advance, but a good serie of services from Seb managed to finally get us up to 20-9. At 17-8, Hideki replaced me back on court, but again, the blocking, the defense and the cover gave us the right level of confidence, and the game was again over quickly: 25-13.
I know I should not emphasize it too much but Luca, again, got the MVP for his strong hits and good blocks at the net.


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