Monday, March 4, 2013

Ladies 1 pick up two wins at the weekend

Game 1: Oxford Ladies 1 v Spikeos Ladies 1
The first set started well despite an unusual line up with Annika playing through the middle. We were a few points up straight away and although Spikeos caught up to within two points about half way through the set, they never got ahead. Nela returned to the team and got straight into the game with an ace. Our consistent serving was our strongest point and we won the set 25:15. 

The second set was a very different story… Spikeos got a service run straight away, getting themselves a lead of 11 points! We eventually got a grip and started playing but Spikeos kept putting up a good fight, even blocking one of Federica's power hits through 4 (gasp!). However, continued strong serving especially from Maïté and Nela, better focus on our defence, and cleverly angled power hitting through the middle by Karina meant we didn't only catch up but took the lead and finished the set 25:18.

MVP was Nela - welcome back! 

Game 2: Spikeos 1 v Oxford Uni Ladies
Based on Spikeos Ladies' performance in the previous game, we thought this would be a quick win for them. However, they never really get into the game in the first set  and Oxford Uni won it very convincingly (25:15). Spikeos started a little shakily again in the second set but managed to switch on and take the second set, although with a relatively close score (25:20). They were back to form in the deciding set, leading 8:2 at changeover and winning 15:8.

Game 3: Oxford Ladies 1 v Oxford Uni Ladies
We knew we had to be focussed from the beginning to avoid being dragged away from our game and repeat what had happened to Spikeos. The Uni ladies had displayed some good defensive play and effective hitting, especially from the back court, in the previous game. 

Luckily they never really got a chance to show this in the game against us as they struggled to pass our serves and defend our attacks. Great serving from Fede and Ania and great setting and distribution from Maïté are worth a mention, we even managed to try our recently practised slide and tandem attacks, which both won points. 

We won both sets, 25:8 and 25:10. MVP was Maïté. Special thanks to Ania, our recurring guest player!

(Written by Annika)

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