Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Men 1 finish BVA league in style

The 2013 BVA league men's division 1 champions travelled to Aldershot on Sunday 28 April. Already crowned champions, we wanted to finish the season well by beating third- and fourth-placed teams Newbold and Farnborough.

Squad: Gerard, Martijn, Gabri, Jeremy, Rune, Anders, Raul, Gareth, Jon.

First match against Newbold
We traded points to get into the first set, and had a slender advantage from the start – perhaps because Newbold didn’t bother warming up much. After one rotation, we got going and they had no reply. We kept our level up and finished off most points we defended. Newbold’s heads went down and we cruised to 25-9 victory. 

We made some changes and continued the same trend in the first part of the second set. We made some mistakes, perhaps under pressure from the video camera pointed at us, and let them back in the set. They got close to winning the set, but at 24-24 we scored the next 2 points and 26-24 meant a 2-0 victory. MVP: Gabri!

Second match against Farnborough
Like the beginning of the first match, we traded points to get into the match again, until 4-4. Then Gareth and Martijn had a series of serves, accumulating 13 points. Our good level of play was too much for Farnborough and we went on to win the first set 25-8. 

In the second set we struggled to keep our level and they got a bit better. We were however never in danger of getting behind and 8-7, became 18-13, 22-15 – and, at 25-17, we were all done and the set, match, and championship officially ours! MVP: Raúl!

(Written by Martijn)

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