Monday, November 11, 2013

Oxford Globe Trotters win their first ever home games

Oxford Globe Trotters had their first home match ever. The squad for the day were Jon, Asia, Annika, Stef, Gabi, Martijn and Neil.

First game against Spikeos 3
In the first game, the coach (Neil) went mad and sent the team out to play each position where everyone sets. It didn't look good and, stuck with it for a full rotation, the team witnessed three of the worst passes ever seen (Jon has been promised that we wouldn't mention his name... oops). Spikeos called a time-out at 8-13 down and we changed the system back to normal, where Jon was setting Asia opposite, Stef and Annika outside and Martijn and Gabi middle. Now the passes started going nicely into Jon and all hitters started firing, so we could go on to win the set 25-12.
In the next set, Neil came on to set and, apart from his comical double touch, the set went the same way. Some good hits from front and back court and we won the set 25-17. MVP: Asia.
Second game against Newbury
In the next game against Newbury, Jon came back to set and Neil went into the middle with Gabi sitting off. The whole team passed the ball well, giving Jon many options. Once again, everyone hit well, so there's not much to report other than that Gabi came on for Martijn in the second set and there was a good team effort overall. MVP: Asia.
Written by Neil

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