Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharks take on two Spikeos teams!

On Sunday 19th January, a team of just 6 travelled to Reading to face two Spikeopaths teams. The Sharks were: Helen (middle), Tomas (middle), Felipe (setter), Kerstin (opposite), Andrey (outside) and Izzy (outside).

Game 1: Sharks vs Spikeos 3
After a very quick warm up the Sharks started well, picking up a few points whilst getting used to a new line up and the rhythm of the game. When Tomas came to serve it seemed that it was game over for the Spikeos, they couldn't get the ball back and he managed to score 14 points in a row with a couple of aces in between. There were a few pick ups and hits from Spikeos but they were easily defended and returned in attacks, thanks to great three-touch volleyball from Oxford. Once Tomas had lost his serve the Sharks were up by 11 points and the Spikeos never had a chance. Score: 25-9.

The second set went much the same, with good defence from the Sharks, excellent setting and attacks. Spikeos 3 struggled to get the ball back and the set ended 25-13, leaving Sharks with a comfortable win.

MVP: Izzy.

Game 2: Sharks vs Spikeos 2
The Sharks knew this would be tougher competition and were ready for a challenge. The Oxford team started very well, keeping calm and playing great volleyball. When Spikeos added more points to the the scoreboard the Sharks made a few panicky mistakes at the net which gave Spikeos a confident lead. The pressure got to Oxford and a few crucial attacks were hit out of court. At 19-22 Sharks called a time out to calm down. Once back on court Oxford fought hard and clutched 4 points in a row. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, and Spikeos narrowly won the set 23-25.
With more drive and determination, the Sharks went out to play 3 sets. As with the first set, the Sharks took a comfortable lead with the help of good serving and blocking. The Spikeos upped their game and started playing the first and second balls over the net- a tactic the Sharks were not prepared for. The addition of a number of attacks landing in the net meant the Spikeos took the lead again at 22-19. The Sharks just couldn't pull back and lost the set 21-25. It was an excitingly close match with good volleyball played on both sides.

 MVP: Andrey

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