Sunday, April 13, 2014

And the Eagles soar!

Today was a lovely sunny day for a nice leisurely drive down to Reading for the Eagles' penultimate match of the season. So of course half the team decided to switch to Italian time, meaning that coach Neil had to really floor it to get us there on time. But arrive on time we did, with Tati, Steffi, Giulia, Izzy, Amra, Asia, Kerstin and Helen all set for two key matches.

The first match was against Spikeos 2, who had brought quite a few Spikeos 1 players with them. But this was to no avail and the Eagles won in 2 sets, although the second set was closer than the first. Numpty captain forgot to bring the scoresheets home, but MVP in this match was definitely Amra.

The second match was against Maidenhead, who brought a strong team. But the Eagles kept their nerve, recovering well from a dramatic moment when Tati pushed Steffi to the floor in her keenness to set. We won the first set fairly easily but then took it a bit closer than we'd have liked before winning the second set too. MVP was Steffi.

All in all, it was a great couple of matches, and Neil is relieved that he should be able to keep his job for next year!

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