Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Falcons are off to a flying start!

The Falcons are one of OVC's newest teams, and last weekend they took on two strong teams in BVA Ladies Division 2 (Spikeos 2 and Reading Aces Ladies), playing well and taking a set off Spikeos! Here is a short flavour of their day from their captain, Geraldine.
OXFORD FALCONS! Well done for our very first game on Berkshire Volleyball League! I’m pretty much sure you will all agree with me that it was better result than what we expected. From serving, to digging, setting and hitting, It was evident we had fun. This was clearly just a beginning of good future for Falcons! Kate, Bryony, Carla, Janel, Lesley, Laura, and Jess, I’m proud of you ladies! I would also want to thank Neil for coaching us and for constant reminder to enjoy the game. Looking forward to our next game! Cheers!

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