Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cup game: great performance from Oxford Ladies vs Polonia SideOut London

Nine players for the day were: Adriana, Andrea, Annika, Amra, Chrissie, Elisa, Fede, Sonia and Nela. 

The team arrived in London well aware of the technical and physical superiority of the opposing team (one of the top teams in the UK). Their ability was very clear from the warm up. Nevertheless, the Oxford girls were determined to try to win at least one set. Why at least one set? .....Easy answer:  Jon has promised to take the whole team out for a dinner after the game if they win at least one set.

The first set started with 5-0 for the Oxford ladies (see the photograph here documenting this score!). With amazing serves, extraordinary blocking, great passing and setting Oxford stayed in the game, playing at the same level of their opponents. It looked like Jon was going to be paying up. Unfortunately, Oxford ladies lost the set by just two points

The ladies continued to play really well in the second and the third set. The middles did a great job by blocking and attacking, but it wasn't sufficient to win the game. It was very difficult to receive the jump serves and to keep up with the fast game of Polonia. 

I also have to mention Polonia supporters with the "great idea" of using super loud drums and whistle during the game. Oxford Ladies, not used to the sound, had serious difficulties to communicate with each other and concentrate on the game (Fede and Adi were the only ones enjoying this noise).

Final score: 3-0 for the Polonia SideOut London

Written by Amra and Elisa

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