Monday, January 26, 2015

Oxford Ladies vs Telford: 3-1!!!!

Great game played by both teams!

The first set was a warm up for the Ladies who did not have their competitive spirit burning inside them yet! Do not worry readers.... the Ladies reacted well to the situation, fighting point for point from the second set on!

Great serving, passing and blocking. Good hitting, apart from the first set, when the Ladies also had some difficulties in covering tips and "unpredictable dirty and crazy" balls. Sonia's sets and some unexpected second touches were great!

Memorable event of the day: Sonia's face had a 'close contact' with the court floor (or with the punch of another "unidentified" team mate on the floor)! After few minutes of suffering, like a heroine, she was able to come back and play!!! For this reason (and not only for that!) she won the MVP!!!

The story for today is finished.... ready to see what will happen in two weeks!

(Written by Elisa)
Top of the table!

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