Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oxford Ladies are League Champions!

Today we travelled to Peterborough to play our last game of the season. Coach Jon made it clear he expected us to win the game in straight sets - although our opponents, Peterborough Harriers, were looking hopeful during the warm up when we turned up a little later than expected (tiny misunderstanding of difference between 'warm up time' and 'start time'...).

A briefly shaky start in the first set meant Peterborough were ahead by a few points, however by the time of the first technical time out we had not only caught up but overtaken them and they never recovered. Despite a couple of service runs by Peterborough in the second and third sets, we delivered a solid team performance and took the game 3:0, as (quietly) expected by Jon.

After a quick check with the referees who confirmed that our set difference is sufficiently higher than Cambridge's, we cracked open the champagne and got out the strawberries (thanks Nela and Masia!) to celebrate our promotion to NVL Division 2 next season.

Is it going to be Division 2 South or North? - this is to be decided after the playoffs. This Division was only a warm up for what is coming. Good luck ladies and well done. And for the end: "We are the champions, we are the champions of the small volleyball world :)"

Well deserved MVP was Sonia who is still leading the league's MVP table (we won't know for sure until the end of April when all games have been played)!

Written by Amra (and Annika)

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