Monday, September 28, 2015

Oxford ladies in their first NVL div 2 match

Our Oxford Ladies 1 team gained promotion last season from NVL division 3 to division 2. Their first match in the new division was New Forest ladies - match report from Amra below.

We went yesterday to New Forest (New Milton) to play NF ladies.
Some of the team enjoyed a seaside stroll after the match
We were a squad of six (Annika, Fede, Nela, Sonia, Mirjam, Amra) accompanied by our coaches Jon and Neil. It was the first match of the season in the 2nd division and the feelings were mixed before the match - we didn't know what to expect.

In the first set we were trying to catch up with their very fast game and especially strong serves, but then we found our game, and scored a couple of very good lines (by Fede and Mirjam) in the second set. Despite the strong improvement from Oxford, New Forest also took the second set.

The third set was really close with some good tips from Sonia and much better defence from the whole team. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for a win.

Overall, it was a very tough match. NF ladies have a couple of experienced players and also some very strong hitters, but what decided the game was their strong serves. I also have to say that the sports hall was an extra challenge for defenders, with its low ceiling - which we kept hitting!
We missed a bit of consistency in our game, but we have a chance to improve next Sunday when we play our second match against Essex Trinity.

Fede won MVP.

Written by Amra.

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