Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oxford Bulls - Good Games but not enough...

Last Sunday saw the 3rd fixture of the Oxford Bulls. As the title gives it up already we have not been as victorious as expected but we did put up the fight ! I  will start with the bit Iam quite pleased with: I got MVP title twice (reason for me writing this report BTW...)

1st Game - Oxford Vs. Maidenhead

Line up was Simon, Seb, Dan, Neil, Anders & Marcin plus myself entering as libero. A tight start seeing no clear lead up to 6-6. But Maidenhead made the gap at this point forcing Maite to take our first timeout at 10-12. We tried to maintain the gap but very slowly, and fair play to Maidenhead, they kept their advance with strong hits & clean kills. At the second timeout the gap was 15-23 and even if we finished the 1st set with 19 points, Maidenhead got it.

No change to the line up for the second set but unfortunately as well for us, no significant change in the way the set went. We were picking the balls up (including some emergency saves...) and blocking their strong players but we were lacking the kills, and very quickly Maidenhead took a strong lead 7-15, which they maintained until the end 25-13.

2nd Game - Oxford Vs. Farnborough

Same line up (Corne was on the bench but only as emergency...). This time we wanted to make the difference because we felt like we did not loose the previous game on big things. So we started with motivation, and it made the difference and we were in the lead until Farnborough took their first timeout 13-8. But they did not let it go and forced us to take a timeout at 19-20. We kept on scoring points, but they scored a few more than us, and even though we were picking up their strong hits, it was not enough and they were in the lead 23-22 for our second timeout. But not enough... They won 25-23.

Another set, same line up. Again strong start from the Bulls and Farnborough took their first timeout when we were in the lead 6-3. But they once again caught back with us and we took our timeout when they were in the lead 10-9. They made their way until the end of the set confortably 25-18, not really giving a chance to catch back even though it was not easy for them.

More luck next time...

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