Monday, October 24, 2016

Nature’s Path of Druidic Balance

The Oxford Globetrotters (Steph, Giulia, Maïté, Vaidas, Jon, Dan) upheld their season’s mantra, which is to pursue the druidic path of nature’s balance. This means not to play too good so as to anger the gods, but not to play too bad either so as to anger us humans. We’ve all congregated at that rectum of the planet that is Basingstoke way too early on Sunday morning, and welcomed ourselves by yawning at each others faces in a classical variation of “I thought you were the designated player? No, you were the designated player? Wasn’t he supposed to be the designated player..? Ah bugger…”. This pretty much set the scene for the the first set against Maidenhead. The ref blew the whistle for for the first serve and the scorer flipped the scorecards to 25 for Maidenhead. I don’t recall how it happened, but frankly I was too tired to care. In the second set we put in some goodwill and effort and were rewarded with a tiebreak, in which we again put in some goodwill, but struggled with the effort part and consequentially had to concede the game. Maidenhead were not without faults either though and awarded MVP to Dan, clearly having mixed up his number 10 for Vaidas’ number 11. Having done justice to losing, the task now was to upheld the druidic balance with a win against Basingstoke, which we duly delivered in straight sets, not without some intermediate struggles though. But at the end of the day, so long as the gods a pleased who are we to argue? Basingstoke awarded MVP for the second match to Jon, pursuing their own season’s mantra of clerical charity.

Written by Dan

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