Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sharks in their first win of the season!

Go Sharks!! Well done in our first match this season! We lost against Farnborough 0:2 BUT won against South Bucks 3:2. It was a slow start against South Bucks and lost the first set but we came back stronger on the second set! From being down 4-10 on the third set, we have managed to keep our composure, our team communication and out heart for winning And we did 16-14!

Hopefully we will be more organised on our next coming matches. Thank you for Jon for helping and coaching our first match.

Again, well done SHARKS! and lets win our next matches!!

On court with the Sharks for this match were: Curt Pacson (captain), Lesley Delos Santos, Zaira Stroscio, Jomaeh Hadari, Nicolas Duyauchel, Geraldine Nicholson, Jilbruke Collins, Milena Napionkouska and a guest friend of Jomaeh. 

Written by Curt

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