Monday, November 28, 2011

Mixed Results - Lack of Luck...

Just a quick summary of our games yesterday.
Unfortunately we cannot add a new victory to our results.
The team playing was composed of Anna, Kerstin, Annika, Karina, Simon, Felipe, Corne & Ghislain.

The first game was against Spikeos. Not a lot to say apart from the general smell of beer on court... (Mainly due to the previous day Housewarming @ Kerstin's...). We were ahead for the whole set and we had 3 set points (24-21) but then Spikeos caught back. and won the set (27/25). The second set was not in our favor this time and Spikeos won 25/17 even if we were fighting tight each point. The MVP went to Ghislain for a few intense dives and pick ups (including a pancake...) which caused, in the end, a few bruises.

The second game has a similar scenario with different scores. The final score was 25/23 & 25/22 for Maidenhead. The level of the game was good, we again enjoyed playing together and we have nothing to be ashamed of: passing, setting and attack... Everything was clean. I think we were lacking luck to finish the points, and Maidenhead did not give us any easy points. The MVP went to Anna this time for her good saves & strong hits often putting Maidenhead in difficulty.

PS: Kerstin has a part of responsibility in all of this as she got organised a wonderful housewarming party the night before where 6 out of 8 players were present ... :) :) :)

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