Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men 1 win first-ever league clash against Men 2

On Sunday 4 December, the Men 1 team were out to win two more matches in division 1 of the bva league. To do this, we had Rune, Jeremy, Steve, Jon, Gabriele, Gerard, Martijn + plus a bunch of fans pledging their allegiance to the 1st team!

Team 2 still warm from the previous match took the first points on serve. We then woke up and started playing our game. A good service run from the only Frenchman in OVC Men 1 got us in a 17-11 lead. From there we never looked back and thanks to some good blocking and finishing of points we went on to win the first set 25-15. In the 2nd set, OVC Men 2 were looking for revenge and we got a bit sloppy. The level of our blocking and defence went down and they took advantage of this by taking the lead early on and extending this from 15-11 to 19-13. Then we won a couple of good points and believed that we could still win the set. A 7-point service run from Gabriele, with some good pickups and hits, got us back in the game at 22-22. Then we got some help from the referee and we won 25-23. It was not the best way to win a match, but we still won the match 2-0. I am sure they will be out for revenge on Sunday 18 December when we play again in Headington. MVP for us was Rune!

Our second match was against Maidenhead. They had only lost one match so far this season, so we were prepared for a strong opposition. From the start, we took the initiative by serving well and some good blocking against some powerful hitting. We took the lead at 7-2 and never gave it away to win the 1st set 25-17. Due to injury, they played with a ‘ghost’ player for the whole of the second set. This seemed to confuse us more than it did them! They were a couple of points ahead for most of that set until the business end at 19-19. We finished the important points with some good defensive play and then Jon served the last 3 points to win 25-20! MVP: Gabriele!

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