Monday, December 12, 2011

Mixed Game - Winning Spree !!

Goood morning People,

I am glad to announce that the Mixed team won both games yesterday while playing @ Headington. We were happy to have a few supporters, but if you couldn't make it I have summarised the games below.

The team playing was Karina (setter), Helen (4), Anna (4), Kerstin (4 & 2), Simon (3), Cornelius (3 & 4), David (3) & myself (2).

Our first game was against Farnborough. From the start we could see (hear ???) that the "will to
win" was on court. Both teams got told off for being a bit "too noisy" between points... We had a good start, made the difference during the game and won with a large point difference the first set (25-11), mainly due to nice passing, excellent setting and strong finishes (including a few balls within the 3 meters from our middle players...). Again, the second set started well (12-6) but then Farnborough managed to gather up and caught back with us (14-12) forcing us to take a timeout. It was clearly needed for gathering up, and it worked ! We finished the set with the final score 25-18. Again both teams showed that they had fun playing, and the spirit on court was great. The MVP title went to Karina for her amazing job at setting.

The second game was tougher and we had to improve again our level, facing a strong team of Newbury. The beginning of the first set was in our advantage (10-6), then Newbury caught back (16-15 and then 18-18). The end of the set was clearly intense & we had 3 set point (24-21). But Newbury fought on every points, caught back with us & our increasing pressure, and finally won the first set 26-24 ... This was enough to bring our "will to win" back. Second set started with a good service run (7-2) but again Newbury showed their strength was in catching back points by points (15-14). But this time, unlike the previous set we kept clear thoughts and did not let them play the same way, fighting and blocking all balls. We won the set 25-19. And we were ready for the 3rd set: strong start at service putting us far ahead for the side change (8-3) and then finished quickly the set (15-6). I am proud to say I got the MVP title for this one ( :p ) maybe just for being annoying enough...

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