Monday, January 28, 2013

Ladies 2: You win one, you lose one...

Ladies 2 stayed in Oxford for their next fixtures, taking on Spikeos 2 and Oxford Uni at Oxford High School. Unfortunately, our setter, Amra, wasn't well. With Izzy also unable to play, our coach (Seb) had to get creative and put Helen as opposite to support Tati as setter. Andrea and Fliss were playing through the middle, and Hanna, Giulia and Anna W were our outsides. Hanna took over the captainship for the first match to allow Helen to focus on the new position. 

Oxford v Spikeos 2
It took the rejigged team a little while to settle into the new arrangement and we dropped behind from the start but, by the end of the first set, things were flowing better. Despite this, Spikeos took the set 25-17. 

We lost our rhythm a bit at the start of the second set and before too long were behind 21-13. However, some steady serving and great team work brought us back to 21-21. Bad refereeing throughout the match was frustrating, and especially so on match point for us when a touch by the opposing blocker went unnoticed. We remained valiant but lost the set 27-25.

Oxford v Oxford University
The team was much more relaxed in the the second match against Oxford Uni and we really found our flow and played some nice volleyball. The passing was much improved, enabling Tati to make use of all the hitters. We stayed ahead and took the set 25-17. 

The second set also went well, and Oxford Uni were never really in the game. Some great play from the whole team, and especially some great setting from Tati, won us the set 25-17.

Well done to Fliss for gaining MVP for both matches!

(Written by Helen)

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