Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OVC Men 1 beat the snow and both opponents in BVA league

On Sunday 20 January, Men 1 travelled to Aldershot to play Farnborough and Maidenhead. After much talk about risking the snow or not, the WAGS let their men out to play. A good decision, as the roads were fine and, after a scenic route, we eventually made it to Aldershot. The hall was cold: 12.6 degrees Celsius according to official Danish measurements. Squad for the day, led by coach Martijn and captain Gerard: Jeremy, Rune, Raul, Jon, Martijn, Gerard, Gabri, Gareth.

First match against Maidenhead
A solid start of the match got us into the lead straight away; from 5-1, 9-2, 19-8, we won the first set 25-16. In the second set more of the same although we made a few more mistakes. We battled through and the win was never in doubt, 25-18. MVP as voted by them: Gerard.

Second match against Farnborough
High expectations from a powerful Farnborough side were outclassed by us from the start. Some strong serving got them in trouble and gave us a 12-2 lead. We gave them no chance to get back into the game, as we occasionally played some sexy volleyball, extending our lead to 20-6 and won the first set 25-11. In the second we lost our focus a little after we got ahead again 10-5. We never got behind in the set, though, and some good serving and defending later on got us from 16-14 to 22-15 and eventually we closed out the set 25-19. Another 2-0 victory. MVP as voted by them: Martijn.

(Written by Martijn)

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