Monday, November 3, 2014

Globetrotters have 2 comfortable wins

On the 2nd of November, a team of Globetrotters: Neil, Maite, John, Stef, Lenny, Guilia and Asia went to Newbury for their second fixture to take on Basingstoke Lions and Newbury Academy teams.
They were also lucky to have a coach Dan (Trottie with an ankle injury), who had agreed to coach the team and give some big shouting  - “Let’s go Oxford let’s go”

With a great spirit and big smile on their faces Globies had started their first set against Basingstoke Lions. As the captain had won the toss, Jonny, a MVP for the game, had started with a fantastic service which had given Trotters a significant lead 5-0. Fabulous setting from Maite playing with Stef opposite had continued the game on a high level with fantastic performance of two coaches Neil and Jon killing the balls from the middle and Lenny and Asia from the outside. The first set had shown a fantastic individual skills which didn’t let the opposition to get even near the Oxford them. Very confidently Trotters have won the first set 25–13.
With only one substitution, Guilia on, Asia off, Trotties had started a second set and once again the team was very consistent and had been leading the set all way through. A fantastic result 25–20 had shown who was the boss on the court.

Very proud coach didn’t have to take any time off and made sure the team is keeping warm for their next game against Newbury Academy.

Trotters started their 2nd game against Newbury with the same rotation as in the first set with and got away from the opposition very quickly. In the middle of the set Leo was substituted with Guilia so the Trotters were taking Newbury with 4 girls on the court. Fighting for every point and keeping a fantastic spirits the team had won the first set 25-17.

To keep everyone on their toes, the technical coach Neil had changed a rotation for the 2nd set with Stef and Jon playing setter – opposite, Leo moving to the  middle, and Maite keeping company to Dan and supporting the from the bench. As expected, the Oxford team had shown great volleyball and dictated the game. Winning 25–18 Globetrotters with MVP Lenny for the game, had put 2 wins to their pocket and with big smiles had refereed the match Newbury – Basingstoke.

Well done Team!

Written by Asia

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