Sunday, November 30, 2014

Introducing the Oxford Owls!

In a friendly game against St. Claire's at the Ferry Sports Centre, junior ladies team Oxford Owls played their first matches as a team. After two and a half months of training since the start of this school term, we joined up on the 18th November and played three games against the opposing teams. It was a fun experience and has set us up a great start for future matches. The team consists of Nadia Decker, Lucy Farha, Llueve Rico, Lucy Clark, Izzy Ellse, Sophie Bonin and Mei Ling Ya.

That same week, we headed off again on Saturday for our first BVA development tournament at Oxford High sporting the signature blue Oxford volleyball shirts. We played three games overall against Reading University, OVC and Abingdon. The day was a great learning opportunity, each player on the team improving significantly throughout the day and being able to show their skills on court.

Our next tournament plans to be in December, and a follow-up friendly match against St. Claire's once again in January. We're all determined to train harder and bring back a win.

Written by Mei

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