Saturday, November 29, 2014

Two great victories for the NVL Ladies in Cambridge (16/11/14)!

On a foggy Sunday morning: six women, a man, two cars and 6 balls (and some food left from previous matches) travelling to Cambridge......
After 1.30 hrs drive, the Oxford ladies' team and its coach were ready to start the warm-up for the first match... being careful of not losing too much energy!
With only six players, this was the line up: captain Annika middle (first match) and outside (second match), Sonia setter, Fede outside (first match) and middle (second match), Nela outside, Elisa opposite, Andrea middle.

NVL Ladies vs Cambridge: 25-15, 25-8, 25-14

The first half of set 1 was quite hard for the girls, but as soon as they started to get organised on the court they didn't let the opponents have a second of a break! Precise passes and sets together with wonderful hits and serves. Only one exhortation from the coach: "try to tip, girls!" unfortunately, his suggestion did not collect the expected results ....! Anyway, there was no need to ask for any time-out during the entire game! In closing, all the team members were amazed by the happiness of the coach for their astounding performance!

NVL Ladies vs Northampton: 25-11, 25-12, 25-12

Exhausted from the first game, the team had a 20-minute break to replace the lost calories (eating chemical cakes, peanut-butter sandwiches, etc.!). After a brief warm-up, the team was ready to restart playing.... A little change of role for this game:  Fede played middle and Annika outside. Great performance of Fede playing as middle and perfect harmony with Sonia: well-deserved MVPs!!! Great serving and hitting was the game strategy! During the second set the ladies had a moment of blackout....Jon had to ask for the first time-out! No panic, the players started again to play at a high level and brought the game to a wonderful conclusion!  Well done girls!

Written by Elisa

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