Saturday, November 29, 2014

More success for Oxford Sharks!

Still plagued by injury, some well-deserved holidays and other commitments we were playing again with a different team in some unfamiliar positions. Big thanks to Giulia from the Globetrotters
helping us to have a full team. With no sign of any tiredness from having played already two games beforehand, she integrated straight into the team and played exceptionally well, voted MVP in the second game.

The team: Helen and Tomas middle, Giulia and Andrey outside, Stefano opposite, Karina setter.

First match: Basingstoke 25:13 and 25:7

Not much to say about this match. We started well, felt confident with the rotation, served well (I can only remember one serve into the net but won’t mention this any further!) and overall played some good volleyball. The second set was mostly a one-man-show when at the score of 9:7 Stefano started serving making it up to 24:7 (did I promise I would not mention whey we did not make it straight to 25?).
MVP: Tomas

Second match against Maidenhead 1 25:18, 25:21

Despite Maidenhead having lost the second match against Basingstoke (I need to mention some excellent second reffing from Tom he did not only call several rotation faults but also was most confident in explaining them to the protesting team!!!) they definitely gave us a more of a game. Again our game was very well structured; reliable serving, controlled passing, hitting and blocking. With all hitters being on good form there were not enough rallies to distribute enough sets for the 5 people ready and keen to hit, sorry!
MVP Giulia

Written by Karina

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