Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Men's 1 start their defence of the BVA Div 1 title

On Sunday 25 October, Men 1 travelled to Reading to play their first BVA fixture of the season against Spikeos 2 and Maidenhead. The team for the day was: Gareth, Gerard, Martijn, Gabri, Rune and Greg.

First game against Spikeos 2
We started the first set with a convincing 6-0, where Gareth (playing setter for the occasion as Jon was coaching the Ladies) showed how harmful his service can be. We kept our plays nice and tidy and we closed the first set with a rather impressive 25-6. 

During the second set we kept our level high showing some good defences. In spite of a couple of mistakes towards the end of the set, we closed the set 25-16. MVP: Martijn.

Second game against Maidenhead
Also in this game started we started with a comfortable lead (8-1), doing (almost) everything right and minimizing the mistakes. The opposition struggled to score points against our well organized block-defence and Gareth was great at delivering sets to the hitters. We won the set with a convincing 25-11.

The second set was as one-sided as the first. It took us only three rotations to reach a 12-6 lead. Afterwards, they tried increasing their level of defending, picking up a few more balls. However, there was nothing they could do to prevent the defeat. The final score was 25-16, for a second 2-0 convincing victory for the Vollox. MVP: Gareth.

Written by Gabri

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