Monday, October 26, 2015

The Globe Trotters complete the first Super Sunday of the season!

The Globe Trotters started the season with two solid victories against Basingstoke and Reading Aces Junior. With only six players available, captain Stefanie played opposite and set-up a line up with Gabri and Dan (the only men available on the day) as middles; Giulia and Asia outside and Maïté setter.
The first game was against Basingstoke. The Globe Trotters started well going to a solid 9-3 lead, but Basingstoke came back with a series of accurate services and good defences coming as close as 13-14. However, three consecutive services from Maïté brought the score to a more reassuring 18-13 and from that point onwards it was sufficient to retain that advantage to close the set to a comfortable 25-21.
The second set was never under discussion, with the Globe Trotters showing a tidy performance in all departments and winning set and game for 25-14. MVP was Gabri.
The second game was versus Reading Aces Junior, a team mainly consisting of young players with limited experience at this level. However, the Globe Trotters approached the game with the right attitude. With a no-mistakes beginning of the game, the Trotters took a 7-0 lead and won the set 25-7.
The second set showed an equally solid performance from the Trotters who, in spite of some great defences showed by the Reading team, won the game by 25-11. MVP was Dan.

Written by Gabri

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