Saturday, October 24, 2015

NVL Ladies win their first game of the season!

Last Sunday saw the National League ladies travel to south London for their game against Dulwich Tuskers.

The first set started a little shaky, with Dulwich serving strongly and the Oxford ladies doing the opposite. Things went from medium to bad when one of Mirjam's calf muscles popped towards the end of the set. Amra did a great job replacing her but the set was lost 25-22.

There was a little bit more energy on court in the second set but everything still seemed like a lot of hard work and coach Jon was looking increasingly stressed. With a tight finish to the set, the Oxford ladies just managed to stay ahead and took the set 26-24.

In the third set, someone finally turned on the light and the ladies pulled ahead with a healthy lead when injury struck again, this time taking out Amra with a twisted knee. There were no spare players on the bench and phantom players aren't allowed in the National League so Mirjam was brought back on, with only one fully functioning leg. This should have been Dulwich Tusker's chance to take control of the game but Oxford's team spirit got in the way! Dulwich couldn't recover and Oxford won the set 25-14.

Energised by the last set, the 4th set turned out similarly, luckily without any further injuries, and Oxford won 25-14 again.

A swift recovery to both Mirjam and Amra!

Coach: Jon Williams (happy)
Players: Amra, Mirjam, Nela, Federica, Sonia, Andrea (MVP), Annika (capitano)

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  1. Well done ladies; shame about the injures. Get well soon!